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Journal / LIFE ON MARS / Cassidy Morris

Cassidy |  @_cassidymorris

Name: Cassidy Morris

Occupation/ Business/ Creative outlet: Bravo TV Host

Starsign: Libra

Favourite Number: 17

First thing you did this morning: Cuddles with my partner and my pup

Products found in your bathroom cabinet: Lots of moisturisers & serums (Osmosis) 

If you could only use one piece of makeup what would it be? Tinted Moisturiser? 

Three ingredients always in your kitchen cupboard? Spreads! Haha I love peanut butter, Marmite, Honey , Different types of Jams haha 

If you were on Masterchef what would be your 3 dream Mystery box ingredients? This is a hard one, Fish, Type of grains, & Spices!! (Thats a meal already haha) 

Dream job when you were 5? It would change all the time, but a dancer, singer - Happily say i cant do either of the two haha.

Currently reading/ listening/ watching? Im into my docoseries on netflix! I recommend "Explained" 

The first album you ever bought? “Bardot” I think! 

Best song to dance to? Wannabe Spice Girls 

Favourite form of movement/ exercise? Spin Class 

Go to karaoke song? Anything Whitney Houston

Nighttime rituals? Brush teeth, Cleanse & wash face, & then add my night cream from osmosis

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise

Dance party or dinner party? Dinner Party

Favourite smell? Vanilla 

Pet peeves? People with bad time management - e.g people that are late.

Favourite sandwich? Im a vego, so something with falafel and lots of relish! 

Death row meal? French Fries (A very big bowl) 

This time last year, I wish I knew… it just keeps getting better

What’s one thing everyone can do to reduce their carbon footprint? Eat less meat!

Last text you sent? “…….””Miss you already” - This was to my partner as I am on a plane to Melbourne Haha so cheesy.

Last google search? “…….”Outlook”. Checking my emails as per

Best piece of advice you’ve been given? “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” 

Thanks Cassidy!

Cassidy wears her own clothing with Mars Lotte sunglasses in Dark Tort, Baroque Necklace, Oyster Necklace, Triple Necklace, Daily Sleepers (hooked through own earrings) and Zodiac Necklace (coming soon).