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All Mars jewellery is made in New Zealand. In fact everything is designed, cast, polished and gold plated in Auckland. All Mars sunglasses are made in China. We visit all of our factories to meet and get to know the people that make our sunglasses each production cycle. This helps us ensure the best working conditions and understand the process behind the production of sunglasses.


We love working with precious metals. Silver and gold are such amazing recyclable materials as no matter how old something is it will always have value be that sentimental or monetary. We hope that your pieces will be treated as heirlooms and will only get more special with age but the beauty of metal is that once you are done with a piece it can be melted down, recycled and repurposed into something new. Essentially silver should never be thrown out or end up in landfill as it can always be recycled.


All Mars orders come in unbleached recyclable boxes. The entire box is recyclable as there is no foam insert and a cardboard insert in its place. Although we hope you will keep your piece in its box for safe keeping you can also easily recycle the whole box. We have also eliminated all bubble wrap inside our boxes and instead use a paper bubble wrap alternative this can also be recycled and or composted.

All Mars orders are sent in home compostable and recyclable mailers. We recognise that not everyone has the luxury of an at home compost system so we have opted for bags that are recyclable too – simply peel off the postage sticker and you’re good to go!