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Orbit Recycling Initiative

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One of the best things about jewellery is that unlike clothing the raw materials never lose their value, one piece can be recycled infinitely without damaging the quality of the metal. And so every piece of sterling silver should never leave its orbit continuing its life over and over again as something new. 

This initiative hopes to close the loop of buying and discarding so that metals can continue to stay in orbit and never end up in landfill. We’ll take your old piece and have it refined and melted down so that the metal can be used again to create something new.

 We hope to inspire sustainable buying habits and encourage our community to curate their jewellery collections carefully with pieces they can wear for years to come. The pieces you are purchasing should gain sentimental value, but they will also always have inherent usable value in their truest form. So next time you want to purchase something new, think of one thing that you can give up in exchange for that piece. 

We believe that sustainability is not a goal, there is no such thing as a sustainable brand - only levels of sustainability, it’s merely a process. And so in working towards greater levels of sustainability our orbit initiative encourages our community to return not only any sterling silver piece from Mars Official that you no longer wear but also sterling silver jewellery from any brand and in return we'll give you 20% off your next purchase with us!

There is no minimum quantity of silver to be recycled and the discount is not based on the amount of metal you recycle.