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Lily Ostini

Occupation/ Business/ Creative Outlet: 
Artist; Fine Arts & Psychology Student

Star sign:
Capricorn sun/Cancer moon/Pisces rising & Myers-Briggs INFP 

What is your most treasured item..
Not an item, but my cat, King Louis <3

Products found in your bathroom cabinet?
A giant tub of sudocream (that I swear by for any spots or irritation), a lot of blistex and many Avène products

Currently reading/ listening/ watching? 

Re-reading ‘How to do the Work’ by Doctor Nicole LePera

Listening to Rosalía’s latest album

Watching the final season of Ozark

Best song to dance to?

Songs from ‘So Fresh Hits’ compilations of the early 2000s

Night-time rituals? 

I usually go over my to-do list for the following day, stretch, and then find something funny to listen to as I go to sleep –  a bit strange but I usually put on old episodes of tv shows i’ve seen countless times

Favourite smell? 

Rain on warm pavement and anything rose scented

Last google search…

‘USD to AUD calculator’ - I’m always disappointed when trying to justify ordering something from the states

Death row meal? 

A really good baked dinner (or just the potatoes)

I am a work in progress when it comes to…

Implementing better strategies to deal with anxiety

Question you’d most like answered?

What really happens after we die?

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Thoughts are just thoughts; you don’t need to pay attention or apply meaning to every thought you have

Do you think there’s life on Mars?


Thanks Lily!


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