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Journal / LIFE ON MARS / Rosie Ackland

Rosie @rosieackland

Name: Rose Faith Ackland. Or Rosie 

Occupation/ Business/ Creative outlet: Fashion designer 

Starsign: Virgo 

Favourite Number: 8

First thing you did this morning: Cuddled my dog Billy

Products found in your bathroom cabinet: Drunk elephant serum and oil, fake tans that I never get round to using, first aid stuff... 

If you could only use one piece of makeup what would it be? RMS uncover up

Three ingredients always in your kitchen cupboard? Pasta, canned tomatoes, tea

If you were on Masterchef what would be your 3 dream Mystery box ingredients? Never watched Masterchef lols

Dream job when you were 5? Wedding planner

Currently reading/ listening/ watching? I don’t read books, I know it’s terrible. Listening to Neil Young and Eric Clapton. Watching peaky blinders!

The first album you ever bought? Shakira

Best song to dance to? Ooooh ‘Are you gonna be my girl’ by Jet. ‘Mr bright side’ is always fun too. 

Favourite form of movement/ exercise? Walking!

Go to karaoke song? You’re so vain! Carly Simon

Nighttime rituals? Shower, cook dinner, tea and treats. 

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Dance party or dinner party? Dinner party turned dance party. 

Favourite smell? Fresh herbs!

Pet peeves? People who ask for stuff for free! Especially on Instagram. 

Favourite sandwich? Baguette with cheese, sun dried tomatoes and rocket. 

Death row meal? Veg lasagna

This time last year, I wish I knew... Having a dog is hard work!

What's one thing everyone should do to reduce their carbon footprint?Second hand shop! Eat less meat.

Last text you sent? Asking Becca to come fabric shopping with me for the day. 

Last google search? 'Accommodation in raglan'

Best piece of advice you’ve been given? Fake it till you make it.  


Thanks Rose!

Rose wears her own clothing with some of her favourite Mars Pieces: Lotte Sunglasses in Pale, Daily sleepers in Navy, Lara necklace in Peach, Isla charm necklace in Seafoam